The lovely Chels over at Life in the GLAMorous lane has nomiated me for an award!!

Now i have to give all you guys 7 facts about myself :D

1. i have an obsession with shoes and handbags! i tend to buy those more than i do clothes !!
2. I love dancing!. i started with ballet when i was little for about 5 years then went on to gymnastics for another 6 years then started hip hop classes about 2 years ago. though i stopped for now since the classes weren't cheap and i will definetly go back once i can pay for them again. but till then i still dancee on saturdayss whenever me and my girls go clubbing!
3. i love trying out new things. in the past year ive duncked myself into making handmade jewellery, sewing, and much more!
4. Fashion is my number 1, i'm always right on track with everything. makeup colours, clothing whats in and whats not, you name it!
5. My favorite colour is Purple and would always choose it over Pink!..
6. i'm  a right dork. i make people laugh and they find it entertaining xD
7. I love travelling. i want to go live in the UK permanently, then i want to visit australia, USA, France and some other places :D

Anyways!! I'd like to nominate these 3 people!! :D