This is exciting News!

is it good to feel a little sick when your excited happy and shocked? xD Too much good stuff happened today! and Deaniee just made it 100 times better!! xx

So on the 12th of December 2009, there is going to be this event called Bay Music Awards 2009, which basically is the nominated  Maltese bands up for nomination to win awards.
Now my ex kinda boyfriend he has a band called DRONED and they have 2 songs out already and they got nominated for 2 awards! And he's the guitarist in the whole band.. and He left to live in the UK with his dad just after summer ended =( sad.. i know. i didnt get to say bye cause we were on a hiatus this summer.. we both dunno why..
but anyways.. we're all on good terms now.. but today this night
He called me :D:D and oh my god im still in shock till this very minute.. I hadnt heard his voice for soo long must of been June or July.. and it was soo good to hear his voice..HE must of spent alot of money to call from Mobile to Mobile but yeah i didnt have his UK number so im glad i have it now..

Anyways back on the subject.. i wanted to go and support him but i was having probs getting someone to go with.. but he asked me to be his date for the Awards :D and ohh lord and i was likee YESS!! XD

SO im doing the Red Carpet and everything the photos!! :D
Im soo glad he gave me a weeks head start. i have to touch up my roots, get a dress and see what im gunna do with my hair and makeup. its insane..!!

I love him! he's simply the only guy that keeps me on the loop and smiling all day long.

I'll keep you posted on what im gunna wear and all the details guys!!

Stefy xxx