Oh God were to start :D
I gotta say i loved every second of it!
I got to see Deano i wass looking forward to seeing him so much!! i hadnt seen him in 6months! yes 6 months, he moved to the UK to study and live with his dad. =( but he was here for the weekend and i only saw him for 13 straight hours which i think was enough. he's coming next saturday for 2whole weeks which im definetly looking forward to.
The BMA's were amazing i got to meet the whole band which i hadnt before although i did meet Tom who is the singer in the band a year ago when me and dean were goin out but on Saturday i got to meet them all
Tom is the singer and guitarist, Deano is the lead guitarist, Dave is the bass player and Pete is the Drummer.
I had a VIP Pass which was awesome :) they played amazingly! and the surprizing thing was the crowd were singing the lyrics and screaming loader than ever!
That finished at 2am and after that was the after party at a club called AXIS which was amazing! i hadnt been in there since nye of last year! we kinda walked around Paceville and stuff pretty neat. Im just glad i got to spend some time with Deano since we both missed eachother alot.
Here are some pics from the night:

me and deano, pete me and dave, pics of my bgstage pass :)
Sad i dont have a picture with tommy =(