Was a lovely Day out yesterday and me and my sister both had the day off!

My sister had to go buy uniform for work well uniform as in clothes to wear for work @ New Look..

She was kind enough to buy me some goodies using her discount which i thought was sweet of her, i didnt buy much as she was paying :P

I got These lovely floral Hair Bow Clips for €4 - 35% off = €2.60
and the amazing Sunnies (shown above and in photo up top) for €7 - 35% off = €4.55
Massive Bargain i tell ya!.. i love her discount!

I found this cute Kangaroo from the Me 2 U Blue Friends and it looked so adorable i had to get it!..

Isn't he adorable.. i'm naming it after someone i know from Aussie Land :P it's a secret actually.. :D
It puts a lovely smile on my face everytime i see it