Hey Beautiful ladies,
I've just done my nails and gosh am i in love!

My dear friend Joanna does nails in her spare time and ive known her from working with her in Debenhams and since she now is working in another store. I still wanted to keep in touch with her..

Ive always wanted to try out falsies and im so glad i did.

She came round my place with this cute Pink massive traincase full of goodies to choose from. It was insane!

It took herabout 2 hours since i was doing them from scratch and not refills.. Costed me €40 which is pretty reasonable for doing them here well.. some places its more too.

Refils are €20 if im not mistaken from her.

Next time she's round i'll take some pictures.. i was too excited getting them done that  i ignored my phone and we were constantly chatting ...

My outcome is this , What do you guys think?