Models Own 3 Glitter Nail Polish Set
I got this set way back in December and was the first couple of Model's Own products that i got to try.

Sadly the set that i've got is not available on the site, but there are 2 other glitter sets that you could purchase here

The Set includes 3 glitter shades: 
  • Emerald City (Vibrant Green Glitter ) 
  • Mixed Up (Grey with multicoloured glitter)
  • Gold Finger (Yellow Gold Glitter)

Additional Info
The pigmentation in these polishes are the bomb!
All you need is one or two coats depending on how much
"gaga' glitters you want cause seriously these glitter polishes remind me of Lady Gaga, Dont you?

If ever you wanna go that extra mile, use one of these on your nails!!
I would definetely repurchase from Models Own in future,
I have a couple of polishes that id love to own such as:
The Famous dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal PURPLE GREY
The gorgeous NUDE BEIGE
And the Fabulous LILAC DREAM
If you have always wanted to try the glitter polishes?
 i would highly recommend Models own as they
 do ship internationally via their online store,
 or you can find them at your local Boots, ASOS and even River Island!

Have you tried products from Models Own, or want to try? What are your must have/Faves?

Love, Stefy