HOTW – This will be the name for my next “Hairstyles of the Weekend Posts”

This is the hairstyle I've been wearing to work for 2 days. I was bored Friday morning and realized i haven’t done a French braid in ages! Then i saw my headband and said to myself what could i possibly do with both together.. And this is what i came out with.

Yesterday when we were basically packed with people in Debenhams, I got many compliments and people asking me how i did it and i was surprised how much people actually liked the way i styled my hair.

I don’t tend to style my hair very often. Its normally straight most of the time. I rarely do anything different to it till i get in one of my moods to change it up!

One of our previous Visual Managers, Luke actually popped in and told me how i always tend to have a “ signature look “ Hair wise, Accessory wise etc..

As well as Debbie, one of my colleagues at work actually gave me the name of Pocahontas! just the blonde version as it reminded her of that movie that i once used to watch ten times over and over again!

**Nails are O.P.I, I Think in Pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness week @ Debenhams that was throughout this week. I wanted to pitch in and wear pink for the eventful week.


Have you ladies experimented with your hair and gotten compliments on standing out from the crowd? Leave you're comments below


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Love, Stefy