Velvet Lipstick

What is it
The lipstick that sculpts and perfectly shapes the lips, with a luminous and intense colour.
Pleasantly smooth, melts on the lips protecting and moisturizing them thanks to the pomegranate extract and Vitamin E.

How it works
Has a very smooth texture and a lightweight film thanks to the innovative jellifying agents.
Directions for use: Apply to lips with make-up brush (ex n.3 EVAGARDEN by Paolo Guatelli) after the application of the lip pencil for lip contour.

Why you need it
For the comfort, excellent adherence and a pleasant application with a luminous finish, thanks to the special silicone resins. For a deep and precious anti- aging action also thanks to the presence of pomegranate extract and Vitamin E. Protective properties for the presence of sun filters SPF12, emollient and moisturizing.

Why is it different
A light and protective lipstick of extreme comfort, thanks to the pool of selected activities.

Dermatologically tested
Product Hypoallergenic
Product not tested on animals

Pop Collection
Velvet Lipstick
Coral Number 410.
Price: €13.12

Overal Packaging
Sleek Black with logo on box
colours included are mainly black with a hint of silver.
Same goes for the product casing itself. Same colours used with logo on top and number at the bottom.

Lipstick 410
Creamy Coral Just in time for spring!
Has some sparkle in it and glides on like a dream
Has a lovely scent reminds me of a MAC Lipstick
Product Pictures & Swatch

*Some Information was taken from Eva Garden Dossier Marketing Sheets
Love, Stefy