I saw the trailer of this movie and i noticed alot of familar cast members.

the twilight saga, Cam Gigandet  and Alex Meraz 
vampire diaries,  Nina Dobrev, Katerina Graham
Gossip Girls Blair, Leighton Meester
Aly Michalka from Aly & AJ
One Tree Hill's Rachel, Danneel Harris

I was amazed with such a huge familiar cast that i really enjoyed watching the film.. and having both bonnie and the gorgeous Elena on the same movie other then the vampire diaries was something i wasnt expecting. 

I was just watching the movie and saying to myself who else are you going to surprise me with.

Seeing Leighton in a new light with this movie was breath-taking, she did such a fantastic job going from up town queen B to a girl that has a problem and suffers from a disorder, she portrayed it in such an insipiring way.

There was also some fashion design classes involved in this movie which did make it interesting as i love anything design too!

Has anyone seen it ?
I reccomend it 5 out of 5!
What were your thoughts on the movie?

Love, Stefy