1. What's your favorite color? 
Pastel turquoise blue, Pastel Pink and Mint!
2. What's your favorite number?
3.What is your dream career? 
International Makeup Artist & Have my own Company
4. Where do you see yourself living when you're on your own? 
Great Britian, Continuing where mum left off after she came down here at 22.
5. Where is your favorite place to travel? 
All european countries, America and Down Under
6. What do you do in your free time? 
Blog, Study, Laugh
7. Favorite clothing stores? 
Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Asos, River Island, Stradivarious, 
8. Dream car? 
Mini Cooper in Yellow or Blue
9. What TV shows can't you live without? 
One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural
10. 3 things you need in your life are... 
Family, Career, Happiness
11. I can't sleep without...? 
setting my alarm to wake up in the morning 
12. If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it? 
Invest, Treat myself and family, Put the rest in the bank!
13. I have a celebrity crush on...? 
Channing Tatum & Danny Jones
14. What is your favorite treat to eat? 
Mr. Kiplings, Cherry Bakewell Tarts
15. My favorite wild animal is... 
Tiger cubs!
16. What is your favorite season? 
Spring going into Summer
17. My favorite childhood shows were... 
Barney and Friends, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes with Bugz Bunny!
 18. Why did you start Blogging? 
I Loved what others had done already and wanted to start my own little world.
19. What do you hold close to your heart? 
20. What is one music artist that you are in love with? 
Mcfly! have been for over 8 years and still going strong!

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