I haven't written up a blog post in so long i miss it!

Sorry i haven't been a regular on here this month, as it's been one hectic month for me

Intensive Makeup Course: In the beginning of the month i had exams that were stressful yet challenging and im glad to say we all passed and graduation is on the 2nd September and i literally cannot wait to have my certificates one graduating with BioCare Academy and the other VCTC International Makeup Artist.
I Cannot believe its all passed got 2 more weeks left of lessons and thats it.

Career: I Got promoted end of June to become a supervisor in Debenhams joining the other team members to help organize the store. I am know in charge of Jewellery and Accessories, Handbags, Shoes, Swimwear and any holiday Accessories (and yes im looking forward to decorations and anything christmasy! ) and i'm looking after the biggest mats in Debenhams which are Collections, Casual Collections and Maine. These are 3 huge mats that are well known as core clothing for business related, suits, and cater for the more mature generation.

Yes i love handbags, shoes and accessories so when i was offered the opportunity i wasnt going to say no to that!

ME: Well i havent been 100% this past month, being sick constantly all month is a bit of a headache, from coughing to allergies to catching bugs that has been going round all of malta! and losing my appetite to eat is terrible cause i love food!

But on the other hand,
we were out last night since we have been in training with the international trainer who has been giving us training for the past couple of days and we were invited to go out for dinner whilst he was in town.
Here im with Debbie, who has been there for me through so much and she's not just my assistant store manager but i treat her like family.

Last note, I have some big news, August will be the month were i'll be building my own website with business cards already designed and ready to be printed but once everything is final on the name of the website etc i will update all you guys with the info! Its an exciting project and having done websites for college i cant wait to build my own for my services!

Hope everyone's doing alright! I will be posting a giveaway soon for my 200 followers! Ive got everything ready for it apart from the Makeup! be on the look out for the giveaway in August!