Good morning blogette's,

Today is a new day but unfortunately i am abit unwell and stuck inside as i'm suffering from laryngitis and have a couple of days off work to heal.
But i have some news to share with all of you today.

I have a new job starting next Monday, which sadly means i am on my last days with Debenhams Malta and it's been an amazing time working with them as i have for the past year and 9months.
I was a sales supervisor and have now passed my duties onto a fellow team player there.

But non the less i am now going to be a regular face at.. INGLOT MALTA which is situated in Sliema.

My position is of course as a MAKEUP ARTIST and i have already met all the staff which were very welcoming.

Having bought alot of products from there myself, i'm very excited to be using them on a daily basis and seeing for myself the difference on other skin types.

Will keep you all updated on the whole scenario as i'm very excited!

I have always wanted to be a makeup artist full time and earn a living out of it, and with INGLOT MALTA i have that opportunity to show off my skills and enjoy going to work everyday.

They are all very welcoming and i cannot wait to see anyone who pops by to say hello