Most Wanted Handbag & Purse/Wallet  

My most wanted ever designer bag and purse. Im honestly not fussed on Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or what not with labels all over the bag telling the whole world you own an expensive bag and you can afford one. In fact I love Balenciaga for one reason no Branding all over the bags! 
WHY Balenciaga?

Balenciaga have their special touch, i just love the whole exterior of their bags and their simple gold touch to the bags and wallets. Back in '09 i think, they came out with the Black and gold hardware purse/wallet matching the handbags and till this very moment i'd love to grab my hands on one. But right now my current favorite at the moment is the Papyrus Colour the nude/beige Balenciaga.

I must admit, i first fell in love with this brand when Richie Nickel showed off his "First" Bag in Anthracite the lovely gunmetal grey. From then onwards i fell in love with the brand.

This year i said i'll put aside some money and instead of makeup which i think i have way to much of it honestly and do not need any more of it and instead use that money to save and treat myself to the one and only one designer bag and wallet.

My intention was to put away as much as i can a month and get it by the end of the year if i succeed which i know i am able to!

When you want something push yourself as hard as you can!!
I love how there are very little women going around with these bags.. I remember seeing one lady back in december '10 and she had the Black " First " Balenciaga bag and it looked ravishing! No one else knew it was a designer bag, as one would think  it's just a normal bag .. I love the fact that i won't have that worry that someone will want to steal my bag as one would have to worry if they had a chanel " jumbo " handbag for example.

Giant Gold City - Papyrus

Giant Gold Money - Papyrus

Question for my readers:
Is there that one item you just have always wanted?