LUSH Cosmetics  

Known for their delicious and tasty scents in their products, LUSH is a worldwide known brand for their amazing skin care range and body bath range.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Christmas Limited Edition)

Dying to get my hands on this Snow Fairy since Richie Nickel first featured it in his videos back in Christmas 09/10 and my god does it live up to the hype! Getting out of the shower smelling like candy cupcakes well you get my drill, it's so refreshing and the scent just keeps going with you through-out the day it's fabulous.
I purchased the 500g one and a 100g mini sized one cause i love it so much!

The bottle itself is very sturdy and it even tells you who made my snow fairy and i have Brad! So kudos goes to Brad for making me an awesome Snow Fairy!

"Fabulously fruity, candy floss pink and sweet as sugar Shower Gel. To smell good enough to eat this Christmas, was your hair and body with this sparkling seasonal must-have"

I cannot wait for Christmas.. I want to buy Snow Fairy and this time i am stocking up on 3 bottles of 500g if not 4! yes 4! I love it so much!

The smell just yearns on and on with a sweet scent that makes you go "ooooo", It's full of sparkles/glitter too, so we'll look dazzling!

Price: 8/10
Packaging: 9/10
Pigmentation: 9/10
Long Lasting: 9.5/10
Overall Rating: A

Question for my readers:
Ever tried anything from LUSH?