Malta Fashion Week 2012 - Day 04  

5 Days of Fashion shows with the 6th being the final night ending with The Malta Fashion Awards. Day 3 - Fleur Kelinza held at the Corinthia Hotel in Attard

The Review:

Location: Corinthia Hotel,
Time: Doors open at 7.30pm
Show starts at 8pm
Sponsers: Eva Garden Makeup, Fleur Kelinza

T he wide variety of colours,patterns and even fabric in this collection by Fleur herself showed where her inspiration as quoted "a mixture of designs designed by nature,sea, and with some done in the UK where most where completed in Malta" came from.

From Ruffles to Gems to Glitter to feathers to a "Bumble bee" looking dress Fleur showcased it all being very versatile in her collection leaving no limits to creativity in her designs. With every model wearing a TOP HAT to match each garment, it gave each and every piece of clothing an unique style.

My Favorite two gowns where more from the simple long navy maxi's one with the most beading on the back and lace detail that would make a girl swoon for that particular dress, where as the other gown with more or less the same pattern and colour but with a rope-like one shoulder dress.

The Beauty look side of this Fashion show
on the other hand was Dark and Intense,
bold black smokey eyes with shimmery
and matte white to contrast the eyes.
Complexion was subtle with minimal
 blusher and lips were a natural plum raspberry tone.


Question for my readers:
What do you think of today's show? What are your thoughts of this designer?