Happy Father's Day Dolls & Gentlemen,

Today's Article is focused on my DIY(Do It Yourself) Harem Pants I made a month ago as my first project with my own brand new sewing machine. I must say with creativity being in the family and only have sewn very rarely in the past with my grandmother, I was quite amazed and proud of myself to have decided to make my own harem pants as my first project using my sewing machine with no previous experience on my own.

The pattern is very out there and very in at the moment with patterns getting mixed with other types of fabrics you can go all out!
My Harem Pants pattern has a mix of mint green, yellow, brown and white and its a quirky look which i must say like, having something different then others is somewhat a breathe of fresh air here in Malta.

I decided to go for a pastel orange as the top, with a black lace collar (please note that the top is actually part of a playsuit). Shoes used are my favorite Jeffrey Campbell's bought in the UK when i was on holiday in April/May.

I love the idea of making something from scratch and turning fabric into a garment that can be worn as a fashion statement. Getting inspired from others or from things around you and using items we already own and just tweek it that little bit can turn it into something different and amazing.

Would you/Have you ever designed a garment?