Hiya Dolls & Gents,

Today's post is all about what's in my bathroom and what i am currently using regarding body & hair products in the shower. In all honesty i have switched 85% on to LUSH Products since Decemeber of last year and after a trip to London in april i bought full sizes as i bought alot of 100ml travel sized products to try before and if i liked them i'd get bigger sizes in the UK, in which i did.

Lush Snow Fairy: Shower gel for body and hair.
Fabulously fruity, candy floss pink and sweet as sugar Shower Gel. To smell good enough to eat this Christmas, wash your hair and body with this sparkling seasonal must-have.
I love love love this, i bought the 500ml and the 100ml travel sized last christmas to make sure i have enough till December and have been very careful. in 7 months i have gone through half a bottle so im hoping by December i'll make sure to top up on at least 2-3 500ml bottles. It has been by far my Holy Grail product. It leave a soft candy smell when you get out of the shower.

Lush Daddy-0: Shampoo.
A purple shampoo to stop blondes going brassy. Violet and fresh lemons work beautifully together to keep grey and blonde hair bright and shiny (and it works just as well for brunettes too!)
Fresh Lemons: Cleansing and give the hair masses of shine.
Violet Leaf: Violet finishes this shampoo off with a lovely, parma violet smell.
Back in my December purchase i grabbed the 100ml travel sized to try it out as i already had a different purple shampoo, but i loved the texture and the softness in this that back in April i purchased the 500ml. I do know in fact that this will last a very long time. Only needing a small amount after my first wash and leaving it in my hair for 5-10 minutes to help the blonde. For results this does work, my hair has stayed white for as long as i know, never had any problems with this.

Lush American Cream: Hair Conditioner.
Bring all the boys to the yard with this strawberry vanilla milkshake conditioner. Double strength and extra creamy to leave your hair gorgeously soft and smelling sweetly.
Fresh Strawberries: Calming on the scalp, they help strengthen hair and add shine.
Lanolin: This conditioning base makes the hair soft, manageable and each to comb.
I remember having a hit or miss with this product back in December when i purchased the 100ml bottle, as i wasn't sure if i liked it or not. If you don't use enough conditioner hair might feel a little dry and hard to work with, But as it states the shine is amazing. So i decided to grab the 500ml bottle and it has been working wonders. I tend to use it in turns with my Aussie Conditioner so i see which i prefer the most. But the smell of strawberries wins me over everytime as it lingers throughout the day leaving your hair smelling wonderful.

Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo & Conditioner: for hair long enough to swish
Our Formula, with Australian Blue Mountain Blend helps bring added softness and lusciousness to long hair. And helps calm fickle flyaways.
After using this since May, i will only ever use Aussie and the odd Lush Solid Shampoo here and there to change it up abit. It leaves my hair so soft and straight, i do not even need to use a blowdryer as it dries naturally and leaving a lovely smell behind.
Both my sister and i went crazy for this brand, and not having it in Malta means we have to know purchase it online via eBay but once i feel like my bottles are near the end i will top up in time for when they are out believe me!

Lush Dreamcream: The Hand and Body Lotion
We took every essential oil that could help the skin and put it on our softest emulsion. This is as good as it gets.
And believe me when i say oooooooo la la. I use this every time i get out of the shower and my oh my i am in love with it. The smell is very spicy actually not fruity in any way.. but topped up with a bit of body butter after in certain parts of the body make the skin feel so soft after a shower, it feels fabulous on the skin and truly hydrates the skin to its upmost best.

Lush Dirty: Shaving Cream
5 o'clock shadow is so passe - shave it off using our ultra-softening oats, lavender and sandalwood shaving cream.
I use this every time i shave my legs and after my legs feel so soft like a baby. Its creamy and lathers really well. With summer just hit, it is an essential item at the moment as my legs are on show more then in winter times!

Lush Enzymion: Fruity moisturiser to liven up the skin.
Stimulate your skin with the enzymic action of fresh lemons and papaya. Particularly good at making your skin feel soft and drying up the oil that makes you look sad. Time to get it sorted. Great under makeup.
With that note i can safely say i am on my 2nd pot of this and it's nearly out which means i need to stock up on at least another 2. I never leave the house without this on my face everymorning. It is the first thing i use before any makeup application, leaving my face feeling so soft yet dries out any access oil from my skin. £13.50 for a 45g that will last 2-4 months but well worth the price. Only needing a pea-sized amount for the whole face therefore will last longer.