HIYA dolls & gents,

Just to let you all know that i am away for christmas for the first time ever! I will be traveling to the U.K. for 10days and will be back on the rock on the 1st of January.

So sorry on my behalf if you do not see many posts till the new year! 

Also i will be away again from the 9th till the 21st of January as i will be traveling to UK to visit family and Paris and Disney for both my boyfriend's Bday as well as my own.

So most of you reading this would be wondering why am i going to the UK twice? Well it happened so quickly yesterday  that i literally had today to pack!

Merry Christmas to all and do not forget the giveaway that ends on the 23rd!! 
I'D Like to thank you all my fellow readers new and old for supporting me and my blog and all that has happened through-out this year! 

Stay tuned for UK related posts with tons of pics very soon!