HIYA dolls & gents,

As you can see i got a couple of gifts for christmas from my boyfriend and his family whilst i was in Wimbledon this Christmas.

Since i am posting this from home (MALTA) unfortunately i am missing my cute leopard bed slippers his mum got me as i left them there as we are going back next Wednesday 9th! (yes crazy i know but most of January i will be posting from the UK)!

For me christmas isn't about who gets lots of gifts as you see on people's channels and stuff. All i care about is being with the people that i love and spending quality time with them. Unfortunately i didn't spend christmas for the first time ever with my family as instead i spent it with my boyfriend and his family abroad on a little unexpected vacation.

My boyfriend keeps surprising me each and every time he gives me anything. I have to admit i was pretty scared what i was expecting from me but he blows me away with joy every single time. He got me these lovely rose gold/champagne colored spherical crystal ball studded earrings from Tresor Paris.

His family bought me a pair of bed slippers, my most wanted pearl earrings set from PRIMARK (my boyfriend and i had an argument cause of these as i was going to purchase them at the check out and the amount of excuses he made for me not to purchase them was incredible) and a set of pearl necklaces from Primark.

My Present from mum and dad were some spending money whilst i was away so i bought a couple of clothing items.

Last but not least was a present from myself. (We all need to give a gift to ourselves don't we?) Every time i go abroad it is a must that i take down a perfume. But knowing i was coming back in a weeks' time i said i'd give it a sniff and get it later, but how can you resist when you are flying back home and the brochure booklet are selling the Lady Gaga Perfume for just £25 for a 50ml, saving me about £6 off the original price. It smells divine, a review on this perfume will be up very shortly as i am loving the sweet scent.