HIYA dolls & gents,

just love the DUTY FREE at the airport. Any little discount helps, doesn't it? Yes it does! I was flying home and left my boyfriend with the hand luggage's and made my way to the MAC Counter. I was releaved that the Ampre Chic was still showcasing the gorgeous SOLD OUT Products. 

The Sales Lady came asking me if i needed any help and straight away asked for Stereo Rose. Funnily she thought it was a LIPSTICK and said no, but then realised i was talking about the MSF and said yes we have a large amount (8 of them to be in fact). 

I wanted an excuse to buy a new lipstick and saw that the new collection had a lovely nude pink lippie which i knew i liked but was sold out on the UK Website so i asked if it was Haute Altitude and it was, so i picked that up to!

My Purchases came to a reasonable price of just over £30 which she then converted it to euros for me to 37 which for Stereo Rose and yet another limited edition lippie for yours truly was a bargain and an end of my spending after the big holiday!

Stereo Rose was selling on eBay for over $50+ which is insane! So if you are going abroad, pop in at the Duty Free at Gatwick Airport and you might be a lucky one too!