HIYA dolls & gents,

Suiteblanco. A Brand loving it's DENIM. For those not aware of this brand, it recently opened it's first store in MALTA just in October of Last Year. I remember stepping foot into the store and my first impression was retro to vintage to trendy.

With their new Collection soon to hit stores I got a sneak peak look at what is in store and wanted to share with you all the story behind this collection.

DENIM COLLECTION: Yes, they did add that they love denim but not just trousers as they have added shorts, waistcoats, shirts and even some basic jackets!

I have chosen some of my favorite pieces from the collection. As you can see the collection is inspired by "folk spirit, ethnic influences and vintage patchwork and last but not least the 70s". 
Lets not forget the great crochet and lace detailing on some garments and the military green factor which is a big hit to the trend at the moment.

It can be seen as an edgy yet classics kind of collection as you can mix and match to ones desire with stud embellishments, beads or feather and lace detailing one will surely find a piece that will find a home in their closet!

Suiteblanco announced that in MARCH, their second store will be opening soon at the Arkadia in GOZO featuring not only womenswear but lingerie, accessories, shoes and bags!

I would like to personally thank George that kindly offered this press release for me to share to my readers especially my "MALTESE" readers.