HIYA dolls & glitterinos,

Trying a New Brand out and today I come to you with an Italian brand called WJCON. Me and a Fellow blogger Martina from allthingsfabulous went to a meeting at their shop in B'kara and with the first step into the store, It was like a breath of fresh air. The amazing variety and the choice in color range was perfect. Lets not forget the great prices and quality! 

Just for a heads up, try their eyeliners - Smudge Proof!
Lipsticks range between €4.99-€5.99, bronzers and highlighter from €5.99 on offers €12 and Nail Polishes ranging in the €3-€4 spot.

I Picked up two lipsticks from their Matt Lipsticks and they were just €5.99 a right bargain. Swatching them I knew what colors to go for Starting off with no 612.

No 612 is a smokey purple pink, you can pair it up with a natural face and eyeliner like i did in the picture above.

I cannot wait to show you the other color i purchased, but that will be in another post as they deserve to have their own post! I Will definitely be going back to try some other products as i was interested in their highlighting powder very similar to an MAC MSF For half the price!