HIYA dolls and glitterinos,

Hair. That word we all know and cherish. Some of us like it long, others short. Me? Well I'm a Mid-Length girl but I like to change it up every now and again.

Hair Extensions, There are different types either clip-ons, glue or a new invention the HALO.

I might have not picked up the HALO but I did get the 20" Clip on Hair Extensions from Halo Hair Extensions.

The Set I have are the #60 Deluxe Clip in Remy Human Hair in Bleach Blonde Retailing for £84.99.

The Deluxe Set provides: 
Length of hair extensions: 20” (50cm)
Number of clips: 21
Number of pieces: 12
3 pieces are 8” wide with 3 clips
3 pieces are 6” wide with 2 clips
6 pieces are 2” wide with 1 clip

I found these so easy to use, the volume actually made quite a different and being that my hair is very thin, after straightening my hair i clipped them all in to my hair and got amazing results.

(if you do have very thin hair i would recommend back-combing you hair for added volume so clips won't show as much)

I was very pleased with the colour, thought I have to admit i might need to use a toner on mine to get them a bit more white since my hair is pretty much a platinum blonde i might have to use the same toner on my extensions as my hair to 
correct the blonde, other than that they are perfect.

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Stay Tuned for Upcoming Hair Tutorials using extensions, you'll be amazed at what you can do!