Most people living on this sunny island are noticing that the sun is shinning more than before and the heat is upon us and that all means summer is just around the corner.

I had taken these pictures last july and having a tan is surely my favorite part of the season. None the less Summer is also known as the colorful season. Some of you may be asking why? But if you notice, more shops and trends tend to be more floral and colourful as to Winter trends as they tend to be more on the darker shades : let's face it winter trends are normally categorized as dark, edgy and bold. 

I must say I am really looking forward to summer this year, I am really looking forward to having a tan, sporting new trends and of course wearing bright colours for summer to brighten up any mood. Mix and matching different textiles and textures is a must-try this season for me and I really want to test myself on mixing different patterns and pairing them with the right accessories.