This morning I got inspired by Black and White Illustrations and thought of coming up with some sort of combination. This is what I came up with, I wore my hardly ever worn Motel Monochrome High Waisted Jeans. I swear there must have some kind of stitching problem gone wrong cause the stetting isn't straight by the zip and they can look funny. I paired them with black summer sandles and a bright coral top from H&M

When it comes to stripes and jeans you have to be very careful what you pair them with and if it goes well cause you'd either looks like a zebra gone wrong or look fantastic. One way or another I liked this and they where IN last summer but are back in since it's all about monochrome but I'd really only wear them in winter with a long baggy jumper and a huge jacket. That is how i'd pair them up if i had to think of another way to wear these babies.