When it comes to nail polish, I usually own too many and never ever bother to paint my nails. The reason behind this is because I have very weak nails and they bend and twist and chip so easily that nail polish is just not worth it. I have bought O.P.I. and have even tried a Chanel Nail Polish my sister once bought and they'd chip on the SAME DAY I would have applied it. (Yes it's that bad)

I have had my nails bare for about 3 weeks and I just couldn't stand it no more. Having no polish on my toe nails was driving me insane. I didn't want to spend a fortune and even though having MUA Nail Polishes before for a Pound (£1) I just didn't really care.

I went into my local Superdrug on the look out for the shade BOLD BLUE and apparently it's been out of stock for awhile and even online and on the MUA online store so I did have another colour as a backup if I didn't spot it and it was this lovely pink shade called NATURAL DAYS (£1)

The Packaging was a bonus cause it reminded me of those Essie Polishes who have recently changed their packaging. I got home and applied two coats of NATURAL DAYS on my nails and was really surprised of the milky -thick finish. It wasn't runny or too thin. One coat would of been enough really, but I always apply two coats. I wore this on my day in Brighton last Monday and was surprised I had no chipping by the end of the day!! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I was in shock! Thursday came and I noticed minor chipping just at the edges of 3 to 4 nails which I couldn't believe. Please bare in mind that I do live alone and chores around the house have to be done daily including washing up in the kitchen (but I use Gloves - which helps!)

I am not used to such success in Nail Polishes and just for £1 I was really pleased with the Chip-Proof formula from these NEW MUA Nail Polishes. You really can't justify price and quality when it comes to beauty anymore. It's not about the price that makes it great quality ( you can easily be paying for the name of the brand ) but a nail polish like this for just a Quid has just left me wanting to stock up on more of their new shades and try other brands to test out the quality.