Seasons come and go but once December Hits, I donno if it's just me but I get the butterflies! It's just a little over a month for my birthday (5th January) and so close to Christmas! It's my 2nd Christmas away from home believe it or not and 2nd time in London!! Last year was a spur of the moment we literally booked flights two days before we left and decided to try something new.

Christmas is always a fantastic time to gather a wishlist of items and products you've always wanted to try. None the less I have a wishlist that has made it very easy for friends and family. There are things not shown but i'm sure I do not need to tell you that LUSH SNOW FAIRY Shower Gel is a Most Wanted Item every Christmas!! Here are some items that have twinkled my little eye as I am indeed a picky lady (who isn't?!)

1. Chloe eau de Parfum 30-100ml - £41.50 - £71.50 from Boots
I remember the first time I had a wiff of this scent and fell deeply in love with it. I even have a mini purse size version which I haven't touched. It was my signature scent in 2011-12 and I feel I need another bottle in my life again as it's been truly missed.

2. Mac Lipsticks in Pink Pearl Pop and Rebel - £15 each from MAC
I do love my MAC Lipsticks! I even got my Mum and Sister picking up a lippie for themselves too! I love my Pinks and only have one Frost in my collection and Pink Pearl Pop looks amazing in the swatches i've seen and with Rebel, well what more can I say then a fabulous Purple-pink shade for Fall/Winter.

3. One Line A Day 5 Year Memory Book - £8.99 from Waterstones
I first saw this little gem on Abby's Blog (POST HERE) and I just thought it looked amazing. The Page Edges are coated in gold and better yet the cover is this Turquoise colour. I already own a 5 year Diary but once I saw this one, It just looks like an amazing book to look back on and read through.

4. Ted Baker Yasmeen Metallic Bow iPhone Case - £29 from ASOS
I donno what it is with my Love for a lot of Ted Baker's items! I think they are so girly and fun and that Bow is gorgeous. I'm not one to like to throw my phone in my bag and I always prefer to have a pocket for it to be safe and scratch-free!

5. Ted Baker Titiana Patent Matinee Purse in Light Pink/Green - £75 from Ted Baker
A Purse is so personal to me and I feel so uncomfortable when someone just picks one out and purchases it for me. Once I saw this about a month ago I just fell in LOVE!! Light Pink with a Mint lining and rose gold hardware c'mon you can't go wrong! It's luxurious and by far on the top of my Wishlist. 

6. H & M Black/Nude Handbag - £34.99 from H&M
I just love the simplicity of this bag, gold hardware with black and nude faux leather. This bag can be dressed up or down and is perfect for a classy look.

7. Wilko Ornament Glass Jar - £5 from Wilko
Since moving into my own home and moving country, most of my money  has not gone on makeup (even though alot of it has) it has actually gone on Home Decor!! I'm still decorating my little office space and it's not even 100% to my likings as I still have bits and bobs to fill and These little gems would be for my office space filled with gorgeous colourful things ( yes I can imagine it right now )

8. H & M Body Splash Pink Macaroon Perfume - £2.99 from H&M
The bottle just drew me in, The bottle is just so pretty! I just love ROSE GOLD and I just want literally everything in Rose Gold!! 

9. H & M Knitted Beret in Natural White - £6.99 from H&M
Winter has hit us and getting into the knitwear and gloves and what not with the chilly season we are all looking for the perfect little items to keep us warm! I think this piece from H&M is just gorgeous!

10. Yankee Candle Medium Jar in Merry Marshmallow - £16.49 from Yankee Doodle
I already picked up the Christmas Cookie one and have a handful of their Wax Tarts that make my home smell divine and amazing. I do often love to just light my candle and get into my working mode when i'm blogging and editing at my office space. I smelt the Merry Marshmallow just the other day in Clintons and I just fell in Love!