Happy birthday to MEEEE! Gosh i'm officially a year older today and i'm 22! So much has happened after turning 21 last year that I can't believe a year has passed already! I set goals every year and I am so glad I have accomplished more than one could ever expect.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have stood by me, my blog and my Youtube Channel and have supported me and my work through-out it all. You have seen me move country, change and become an independent woman. I feel like each year, we all grow and become better or worse and in my case I have felt like i've evolved and become more independent and taking risks like no other. Today It's a video kinda day and I hope you have a lovely Sunday and enjoy watching what I got for Christmas and some goodies I bought myself aswell as some birthday gifts. 

Christmas isn't about how many gifts you get, As you may have noticed many were purchased to myself and some where purchased from family and friends. I am not one to brag, I prefer to treat myself then expect gifts from others as it's just the way I am. I see christmas as a way of treating myself and treating others and making it more of a family get together and giving back to people. Have a lovely Sunday and I am off to enjoy my birthday! XO