White, I always said once I got my own place I would make sure my Blogger's space would be clean and white. I got all my bits and pieces from IKEA. The one stop where I literally spent over £700 in one shopping trip (oopss!) My White Desk is the Micke Desk in White £40 and of course to the left of that is the most popular drawers in the blogging world the Alex Drawer unit with 9 Drawers £90.

I still have a couple of pictures that need to be up on the walls as it is still rather bare at the moment. I always love seeing other bloggers show off their working space and I couldn't wait to be able to so too. On my desk I have an acrylic lipstick stack that holds 24 lipsticks where I have all my MAC Lippies on show (5 left to fill). Underneath the acrylic stack are books and the glamour edit box filled with some papers to do with my blog and in front of this is a business card holder with some blog and makeup business cards.

One's desk is not finished without a candle, at the moment I've got Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie burning when i'm writing or editing videos at the moment. I recently picked up a black paper stack which I use for palettes on their clearance along with the matching pen's holder which I am currently using for brushes. (excuse the dirtiness, they need a wash tomorrow!) 

To the left of my desk is the Alex's Drawers, in the first pictures shown is a little area where I am going to try and have a little notice board. At the moment I've actually got a couple of Toby's Pictures that my mum gave me last weekend when I was in Malta. I actually miss that little fella already (my cat if anyone is wondering) and on top of that is a lovely plate where I store all my favourite perfumes including my top favourites Chloe and Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy.
Where do you blog from? Share your thoughts and let me know in the comments below.