It's a Boots Collective Haul Video! 
Hey everyone, if you haven't seen my latest video that I uploaded yesterday then here it is. I have been treating myself to some new goodies and as you will have noticed, it's alot of hair care products as I feel I really should take care of my hair and look after it more than I do now.

My Setting and Lighting has changed, hopefully for the better and would like to know what you all think? I am hoping that with this new setup and lighting, I will be able to create perfect close-ups and makeup tutorials that will be more true to colour.

For anyone wondering, I am wearing a Blouse from Primark and Lipstick is from NYX in Paris with Bobbi Brown's Rich Colour Gloss in Tutu.

what do you think of the new setup and lighting? Share your thoughts and let me know in the comments below.