MaxFactor have discontinued their main Blushers and have come out with these NEW Creme Puff Blushers just about a month ago. These new Creme Puff Baked Blushers come in six (6) beautiful Shades to choose from. Creme Puff Blushers have the same ingredient TALC as their Best sellers Creme Puff Powders which means more intensity and more pigmentation for an easy application.
MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush - Lovely Pink 05 £8.99
Lovely Pink 05: This beautiful blush is a mix of coral pinks and soft baby pinks.
A Mix of 2 shades of colours merged together, perfect for Fair skinned. This can be used as a warm highlight shade for Tanned Skin.

Maxfactor have stepped up their game with the Packaging. Let's all just *drool* over the new Gold Packaging that has slowly been appearing on the Maxfactor Counters/Stands. The sleek Gold Packaging makes this drugstore blusher look more premium looking and you would want to have these out on show. The Sturdy Plastic Casing similar to Milani Cosmetics Baked Blushers.

The Gold Packaging again is just amazing, I just wanted them all when I laid eyes on these babies. The look of these baked blushers is amazing - the mix of colours mean that every single blush is different and unique. One blush can have more pink or more coral and so forth. The Product itself has that high-end look and even if Maxfactor is known as a Drugstore Brand, I would class them as Mid-way to Premium High-end Brands.

Lovely Pink is a beautiful blend of peachy corals and light pinks. The best thing about these Baked Blushers is that they can be used Wet or Dry. Depending on the application and intensity you can add more colour to the cheeks slowly with a couple of sweeps. These can also be used as a Highlight or even as eyeshadows.

Overall, These Blushers are great for those not wanting to pay for Premium but do not want to go for the Drugstore "cheaper" brands. Maxfactor is known for it's great quality products that is more affordable on the highstreet. 
If you want to pick these up they are available Online at Boots, I definitely recommend you check out