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These new babies arrived at my doorstep and I couldn't be more excited. Freedom Makeup (Sister brand for Makeup Revolution) has done a great job at creating amazing quality makeup in Kits and Packages and also can be bought individually. As you will see in the Youtube video below, This kit does come with a setting spray but I haven't included it in photos as I wanted to focus on these palettes.

Freedom Makeup Pro Correct & Conceal Palettes (£5/€7 each or £20/€27 in a pack) come in 5 Shades - Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark & Pro Correct which is catered to correct the skin prior to the concealer. These Palettes are a dupe for the high end MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palettes £35 which may I add they did a great job at mimicking the high end product for more than 75% off the price. 

If you live in a hot country like me, one thing I did notice when I received them was that the first layer of the concealer had like bubbles and a waxy layer. This goes once you go underneath this layer - just ignore it. The creamy texture underneath is a medium coverage concealer and is very workable with a brush or a sponge.

These Palettes do not contain alot of product as the Palette itself is only 6g which means you only get 1g per shade in each palette. You will hit pan quicker than you would a MAC one but only by a little fraction - with MAC you get 10g which is only 0.6g more than the Freedom Makeup Palette.

These little palettes are such a good investment if you are starting out as a Makeup Artist and need to fill your kit, I would definitely recommend you trying these out. Such great value for money and will be a favourite amongst alot of you i'm sure of it. Please check out below for more pictures and swatches and also my YouTube Video below which will go live tonight at 6pm.

These are such affordable Palettes that are worth a try, You are sure to find the right shade for you and even perfect for any Makeup Artist looking to fill up their kit with some great finds. For more information please see the below Video which will be live at 6pm.

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