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Happy New Year! A New Year brings new hopes, dreams and new ambitions. This year, I have told myself to forget and leave the bad negative clouds in 2015 and only look at the positive and anything that brings joy and happiness into 2016.

Today Marks the First Day to Write in my New 2016 Planner. You would have seen this in yesterday's post where I featured this Planner from The Happiness Planner. I Love the concept of this new planner, it's filled with positive vibes and how to live a happy life and it uplifts your vibes and turns anything negative into a positive thought. 

Life is too short to dwell on the past or think too much into the future, instead i'm focused on the NOW and the PRESENT. I want to do whatever feels good in the moment and make each moment count and document whatever I can to be able to look back on my memories. This is where VLOGGING will be taking place in 2016, so make sure you are subscribed to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL where you will be getting frequent vlogs where I will be filming some footage that I'd like to look back on and share with my viewers and readers. This is something I enjoy watching on YouTube myself and think others love watching too, so why not include it on my channel also.

I hope you have had a wonderful start to the New Year and I can know count the 4 days down to my 24th Birthday which falls on the 5th of January. Let's Start the New Year with a great start and full of positivity.

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