Scented candles are a heaven scent for me in my room. 

Bath and Body Works
are most probably my favourite Candle company but being American, the most difficult to get ahold of especially here in Malta. I hauled a couple of Bath and Body Works Candles on my YouTube Channel and out of all of the scents I have, Marshmallow Fireside is a Blogger Favourite.

I managed to get Bath and Body Works using MaltaPost's SendOn Function where they use a freight forwarder to purchase anything in the US. I waited till they had their 2 for $22 and got a couple of scents and Obviously at the moment I am burning this lovely scent.

This Scent is actually pretty true to it's description "Celebrate the season with a warm blend of toasted marshmallows, smouldering woods and creamy vanilla reminiscent  of a cozy evening round the bonfire" I have been having it burn whilst I write blogs and planning my month and it's so calming after a hot shower before bedtime. You have that mix of Vanilla sweetness mixed with that cold wood and you have got the perfect mix of the two in one candle - I will definitely recommend this gem to anyone looking for a new candle to burn.

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