Someone said express cleaning?? Have you tried the Sigma Cleaning Glove yet?

Not going to lie,
I have had this in my "new products to try drawer" for months. I only just decided to try it out (yes, took my time right??) I needed to clean all my brushes - they needed it! And after having the STYLPRO Brush Cleaning system which cleans your brushes in seconds I haven't deep cleaned my brushes in ages.

So this baby came out to play and it's quite good. SIGMA SPA Express Brush Cleaning Glove $25*, Overall is simple to use. You have areas to do all sorts, wash - rinse - refine and a deep cleaning swirly section for both face and eye. I didn't know what to expect and if you would like to see a demo video on this, do let me know.

I washed my brushes and tried all sections, quite impressed - the foundation brushes you will not get rid of everything at least I did not - so I needed to use the STYLPRO and the Black eyeliner brushes - well let's just say I ended up with black in all the cracks of this glove - had to scrub it all off afterwards as it looked horrible.

Certain brushes were easy to clean - the blush, contour, bronzing, eye shadow brushes worked fine. Foundation brushes you needed a little more patience but non the less a quick and easy process as you have textures that do help your brush get into the bristles and properly clean all the makeup from inside the brush.

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