This year turned out to be the busiest year ever and with that being said, without some sort of organisation I would not be able to remember half of the things I need to get done! This is where planners come into play and without them I don't think I would have made through all of September!

Bloom Planner are a US company who have loads of different planners to choose from with many sizes and designs. I have a number of items from them which you will be able to see in the video below but I have also included all the prices and links for you just in case you wanted to pick something up.

Magnetic Bookmarks $7.95
Planner Bands $9.95
Sticker Sheets, Classic - Holiday - Holiday V2 - Productivity $9.95 each 
2018-2019 Hard Cover Vision Planner, PALM LEAVES $28.95
2018-2019 Soft Cover Daily Planner, PALM LEAVES $16.95

I use the 2018-2019 Hard Cover Vision Planner to plan my day to day life which includes running of an Etsy Shop HERLITTLEPAPERIE, running a Blog, Youtube channel and also meetings that I don't want to forget. Stickers do come in handy to categorise certain things which is very useful.

I also have the 2018-2019 Soft Cover Daily Planner which is more of my personal planner where I jot down what went down on a certain day and where I plan my home, wedding and day to day personal duties. I've been able to organise myself for all of September and I'm sure i'm going to be on top of things for the rest of the year and onto 2019.

Make sure you check out the video below which basically a run down of September 2018, If you liked these and would like to see them often, do let me know! - Press Play