I've Heard of E.L.F before but never thought of having a look at their site and i think i should of cause their products are amazing and AFFORABLE!.

I am so pleased they ship to Malta cause i went onto the US website and clicked on the British site and checked the Shipping and Devilvery and where they ship to in Europe and there Malta was!

I will definetly buy something from there to try out and see how it works. bit dissapointed that they dont have the single eyeshadows in the studio line like in the US but hopefully they might get them soon.

About the Products and Prices well they have alot of things to choose from and they go from around €1.70 if not less to a reasonable prices of €3 if not a bit more.. 

People all over Youtube have raved about these products so why not check them out!

E.L.F. USA - www.eyeslipsface.com
E.L.F. UK & Europe - www.eyeslipsface.co.uk