This is probably something i will definetely get once ive got enough cosmetics to put in it.

I take after my late gran and i am in love with PURPLE!! i choose purple over pink seriously.. my sister is more of the Pinky girl where i am more of a purple girl..i even have an eye out for this purple chair for my desk i saw in a style magazine with today's paper :D hahaha..

Anyways.. back to the subject i checked out the basic Train cases and how much they cost and all.. and they are a huge investment but since im only starting out i dont really need anything huge.

so i youtube'd to find out the best companies and Yazmo is probably what most people get.. their prices are that bad but when i ebay'd them they even have their own ebay store yay =D such a ebay junkie sadly.. i have to buy nearly everything from there since there isnt much choice here..

Anyways.. i fell in love with this purplee Case.. its called the "Pro Lavender Aluminum Makeup Case TS-91" for $79.95 which is around €55 which isnt that bad.. cause in the old currency that we had before 55 euros in Maltese Liri is cheapppp :].. and here is a picture...

Isnt it prettyyy =] even thought its looks a bit pink im hoping in person its more purple.. or i also like the Matte Black one too!!

Well after i youtube'd to see exactly what are the basic things you need in your kit and i was soo happyy that Kandee Johnson had one of her videos about what you need in a basic makeup kit! so Thank you soo much Kandee you're an amazing makeup artist!!

Here's the video which i would like to share with you guys =]

In this Video she explains all the products that you would need which i have actually made a whole list whilst watching this just so i can tick off anything i've got and i'll know what i need next. she does a wonderful job showing you everything and also gives you some pointers about stuff she uses.

Be sure to Check out Kandee's Other Videos and Her blog too =]