Well i've been researching trying to see which best quaility brushes to get for applying my makeup..

till now its between

MAC cosmetics
Sigma Makeup
E.L.F. Studio line brushes

I've heard so many amazing things about all the above and its hard to decide..

Basically the MAC brushes are hard to get since i do not have a mac store here in malta so i will have to purchase them at a store when im in the UK or ask one of my aunties or cousins to send them to me from the UK.

With Sigma Brushes i've heard so many amazing things about them, the quality of the brushes, how soft and affordable. And with Sigma brushes you can buy a whole 12 brush set for just $69 and with the amazing brush roll for $89! I am actually in love with the sigma set.!! i'm hoping on getting my hands on them soon =]. All over youtube there are people talking non stop about the sigma brushes and i am excited to try them out for myself one day.

As for elf i have heard about their studio brushes and for an afforable low price some say they are good.. i dunno will have to try one or two out and see what results i get.