So i've been filling my notebook with more BarryM cosmetics products with which to buy when i can get my hands on them and it's driving me insane.. so the best way for me is to make my list here and then cut out which products i managed to get my hands on. some i have already stated in my post below but ignore that.


Marshmellow number 101
Peachy Pink number 147
Dolly Pink number 146
Palest Lavender number 129
Touch of Magic

-Glossy Tube's - LipGlosses
Matte Pink number 4
Flamingo Pink number 9

-Lipgloss Wands
Toffee number 2
Pastel Pink number 4


-Dazzle Dust
Petrol Black number 98
Dark Chocolate number 97
Mushroom number 51
Chocolate number 53
Black number 66
Cherry number 64
Beige number 38

-Kohl Pencil
Black number 1


Pink orchid number 1

Rose number 2

-Natural Dazzle


Pink Flamingo number 305
Mint Green number 304
Grey number 293
Block Orange number 301

Glitter & Shimmer

-Fine Glitter Dust
Black Purple number 23
Purple number 18

And just for fun :

Barry M T-Shirt in a size small ( cause it's pink and cute)
Barry M Bag

This is Basically my Whole Wishlist from the BarryM Collection which i will probably get little of them each month so stay tuned for updates on what i got.