Indeed i do!!

I am in love with BarryM's Cosmetic line.
Went looking around Sliema last week and found out that Franks in Sliema have BarryM!
Well they do not have much but i managed to get myself some Nail Paints.

If anybody knows where i can purchase more BarryM Cosmetics in Malta please do let me know that would be a huge help :).

So for everyone wanting to know what i got here is the Low Down.

i got 3 Nail Paints which are:
Clear No.54 (Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardner)
Vivid Purple  No.161 ( my favorite colour ever so im loving this Nail Paint! )
Black No.47

My wishlist from BarryM are these:

Nail Paint - Grey, Black, Bright Purple
Matte Pink glossy Tube no.4
Flamingo Pink glossy Tube no.9
Marshmellow LipPaint No.101
Peachy Pink LipPaint no.147
Dazzle Dust - Black, Chocolate, Mushroom, Rust, Petrol black and mainly all colours :P

Those are just the main stuff i would like to get apart from the Dazzle Dusts which i would probably want in all colours sooner or later.

Please Check out their Website at they do ship internationally online and very low shipping rates. So do check them out!.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.
Keep on Smiling and will probably have another post up tomorrow.