The title says it all.. indeed my first ever purchase from MAC

We don't have MAC Cosmetics here in Malta and i doubt we even have it in Gozo either [ gozo is another island part of the Maltese islands]

So i decided to purchase a couple of things to start off my MAC collection from ebay.
I know all about the fakes so i was careful before i purchased anything.
I kept to the basics that aren't possible to be replicated..

I bought 4 Pro Eyeshadow Refills:
Brune (Matt Finish)
Velvet Moss (Matt Finish)
Cork (Matt Finish)
Juiced (Shimmer/Glimmer Finish)
The total + shipping for these was : GBP20.91

and also a compact palette
4 Refill Palette Compact
The total + shipping for this was : USD9.39

I purchased the eye shadow's from a lovely British seller on eBay and the compact was from a US seller who i both had awesome responses.

Pictures below :)

Stefy xo

L-r : Juiced, Cork, Brun, Velvet Moss

x4 Refil Compact Palette

Will be uploading video reguarding this Haul, will post the video once uploaded so stay tuned! xx