As stated on my Mini MAC Haul video i was supposed to be posting my Tinkerbell video up today but i have this bad cough and lost my voice all in one day and its terrible. 
Anyways the Doc came round yesterday to check up on my dad's hand after his operation and checked to see what i had cause aparently he had no clue if i had hay fever, an allergy or a virus. "/ and gave me some meds and everything so hopefully the beginning of next week i'll be much better and able to talk and i will be posting the video aswell as pictures here on my blog :)
Also i'm soo looking forward to receiving a package from Justine a make-up Artist (For2une2000) on youtube since a couple of weeks ago she held a giveaway for sample pigments that was under 24 hours.
She decided those who didnt win, she kind enough to send out a sample of pigment to the 19 of us that didn't win (Isn't she amazing!). 
It was so sweet of her and i can't wait to see everything. She included some more goodies for me so i'll keep everyone posted when i receive it and pictures and a video will be posted when they arrive :)

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!!

Stefy xo