I was in college last year and i was pleased to pass and get my Diploma =D

I Missed all my close friends that i sometimes see when im out.. but it was exciting to reunite at least half of us..since some didn't pass or didnt show up for the certificate.

As you can see from these photos, i'm back to blonde again..I dyed my hair brunette at the end of summer around october and got fed up.. I had been a blonde since January 09 and Now im Back to my roots hahha..I'm hoping on staying that way from here and out.

I Felt so posh wearing a Jacket from my suit i have which i never used.. I was actually watching Ugly Betty in the morning and saw her wearing a suit jacket with a large belt.. and decided to do the exact same.. hahaha Came in handy.

We then decided to go get something to eat and stuff.. and of course i had a camera so it was pretty hilarious.. I took a video of two of my best friends acting gay.. It's in Maltese but i'll put it up anyways, I'll upload it on youtube and edit this post when it's up.