This is the reason why i have not been posting, Debenhams is opening their first shop in Malta, and im apart of it.
Started on the 8th of February, and its been a hectic 2 weeks. The shop doesnt open till March 18th.. but then again we still have loads of boxes to open till then. This is my final week at the warehouse.. all the full timers have been helping out security tagging and pricing the items .. we have soo much to do..its insane..

Hopefully once we're in the shop i'll have some time to blog more. Till then i'll blog when i can. Like today im up at half 8 in the morning to post.. since today my shift is from half one in the afternoon till nine at night.

I'm really enjoying it, made friends with everyone and the team is amazing.

I've got soo much to tell you.. and i still need to takes pictures of some stuff so when i get on track you'll be able to see everything =D

Stefy xx