I am overjoyed that i finally turned the big 18 last tuesday on the 5th of January, You can say i've been waiting for it since i turned 16.

Since my bday fell on the Tuesday we all celebrated the weekend with fun times,
The 2nd January we all went out clubbing as well as they threw me a mini bday bash at a club called Puerto Rico here in Malta It was amazing until we decided to go to our usual spots which include Havana, Browns and Kayote Which all fall in the heart of Paceville.
F.Y.I  Here clubs are 17+, i've been going since the age of 14, It was 16+ but has been recently changed.
I have only been waiting for turning 18 cause i wanna start my driving lessons and it's gunna be a blast.
The 3rd January i went on a fabulous ride with my friend who has a sports car and is in this group and felt like fast and furious all going round malta after each other with lovely weather and the sun shining on us :)
Finally on my birthday a friend and me decided to do something so we Went to watch the Avatar movie in 3D and i must say we surprized to see it packed with people on tuesday @ 5.45pm 
We had a lovely time and couldnt ask for more.
Last Friday i had an amazing call, I finally can say i have a job and i am so excited.
I am now going to be working as a Sales Advisor @ Debenhams starting end of Febuary.
It hasnt opened here for the public just yet and it will be opening in March.
I love Debenhams and i am really looking forward to it.
I am so sorry for the delay in posts. I have been doing so much stuff and so many events going on that i havent had time to do anything. but now i will do my very best to use up the time i have to post here and try and get some videos on youtube that i still need to record.
Hope everyone is well