I've been constantly using my Supreme Nail Polish for weeks now so i decided to change it up a bit with BarryM Nail Paint in number 47 also known as Black.
I Bought this shade with the base coat clear polish and the vivid purple which i used for months since i got it.

For me These nail paints were a good investment and i love the colours. You get what you see in the bottle, I tend to use 2 coats and always have a base coat before applying coloured polishes.

With this Black nail Paint i love the shine it has and with black for me its the polish which takes ages to dry but that could be me i dunno.

The Shop where i can find BarryM Know finally added some new stuff they are waiting on the blushes so i will definitely be grabbing some and trying them out.
I have to check if they have that mint green and the pale colours which ive been dying to get.

I bought this Nail Polish for €7.55 and £2.95 (in the UK)