A lovely Co-Worker went to Manchester for a wedding and was so sweet to offer if i wanted anything whilst she was there.. And i knew that Give me Liberty of London the new collection from MAC came out a couple weeks ago or so..
I Wasnt sure what to ask for but i definetly didnt want to go to much hassle so i just asked her to pick me up a lipstick and two lipglasses :)

This is what i got =D
  • Mac Lipstick - Ever Hip
  • Mac Lipglass - Perinnial High Style
  • Mac Lipglass - English Accents
May i add this is my first ever collection from MAC ? :D
Im soo happy my first ever lipstick and lipglass from MAC =D apart that i alreayd have a few things from MAC and these are just the begninning of what i'll ever have from mac..

My sister is off to Italy for the week so i might ask her to get some more from the collection .. i'll blog about that when they arrive :)


Thoughts of the packaging

The art for this collection is amazing i am so excited and over joyed that i got this collection sinc ei knew so many people raved bout this collection coming out!