Hi Guys,

I have the day off Work today and havent been feeling my 100% and due to that im gunna use my time to update my blog :)

As said in a recent post i am gunna review senna cosmetics in 2 secitons, one brushes review and the other cosmetics.

I was sent the following brushes to review:

  • Brow Shaper 605 brush
  • Angle Blush 506 brush
  • Baby Face 21 brush
  • Airbrush Face 25 brush
  • Crease 27 brush
  1. Brow Shaper 605 Brush: This brush is useful for a couple of things, It can be used for filling in your eyebrows as well as an eyeliner brush which comes in handy. It's easy to wash and does not shed which is great.
  2. Angle Blush 506 Brush: This brush is mainly used for contouring under the cheek bone and i also use it to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks. This didnt shed but when washed it tended to bleed black ink.. hopefully after a couple of washes that will stop.
  3. Baby Face 21 Brush: This brush is amazing.. i use it for highlighting just above my cheeks, giving my face some glow by adding bronzer around some areas around the face etc.. this brush comes in handy all that time.
  4. Airbrush Face 25 Brush: This brush is amazing, it can be used either for liquid foundation or blush. I have previously used it for foundation and it works amazing. it glides on really well and sets into the skin like a charm. The only downfall for this brush is that it does shed alot and also when washed it bleeds really badly and the white tips tend to go black each time its washed.. So i usually have to wash it then once dry wash the white tips again being careful not to touch the black part.
  5. Crease 27 Brush: This brush works wonders, Great for adding colour to the crease and mixing the colours together.
All together these brushes are really soft not prickly.. Some brushes shed some dont.. The only sad part is the Airbrush Face 25 since its so hard to wash without it bleeding black ink and it's probably my favorite brush out of the lot.
I reccomend These brushes to you, you'll love them just as much as i do, i always reach out for these.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Makeup

Stefy xx
I was sent these by Senna Cosmetics for Review purposes