John Lewis Mini Pastel Sewing Machine

I've wanted a sewing machine as long as i can remember.. i stumbled upon John Lewis's Website a place i always end up when im in the UK visiting relatives..

I remember seeing the strawberry red sewing machine.. but these cuties must be new cause im dying to get on a plane and go buy one!
They are ONLY £49.50
 Which is a bargain.. and i dont need a big sewing machine to start with.. better having a little one then having to go up to my nans to do a project.. "/

Colour wise i would either choose the Vanilla one or the Pastel Pink which ever is available to be honest..

What do you guys think?
Arent they adorable?

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these beauties, wouldn't you?

Hopefully soon i will!

Stefy xx